Air New Zealand’s New Fast Check-In Process

Air New Zealand recently rolled out its new check-in process for domestic flights, and I have to say that it takes the best ideas of Alaska’s Airport of the Future and expands upon it in all the right ways.

The idea is to keep people flowing through the system instead of creating dead-ends at ticket counters. Air New Zealand Check InAs you can see in the picture at left, the airline will have a group of kiosks where people can check in. The kiosk will print out bag tags and once the passengers tag their own bags, they just walk over to the conveyor belt behind and drop their bags off before heading on their way. No need to talk to a person at all, though that option will be there if need be.

Passengers can check-in via mobile phone, but frequent fliers will have another option. . . RFID tags. The airline is planning on giving RFID tags to frequent fliers to stick on the back of their mobile phones (or anywhere else they so desire). They will be able to just head straight to the gate if they have no bags and scan their phone as they board. If they have a bag, they can scan it at the kiosk at check-in. A small receipt will print out for their records.

This makeover will start in Auckland and then make its way to Christchurch and Wellington. If you want to get a really good idea of what it will look like, you should take a look at this short video.

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