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I meant to write about Holly Hegeman’s fight against Mesa Air Group a long time ago, but I admittedly got sidetracked. The recent dust-up between Eclipse Aviation and the Eclipse Aviation Critic NG blog (listen to a podcast on the subject), reminded me that I needed to get that post up sooner rather than later.

A few months ago, Holly was sued by Mesa Air Group for defamation in a few of her PlaneBuzz blog posts. CAN EAT WAFFLESIf you dig in, I think you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering for what exactly she’s being sued. But once you learn that there’s been a long history of issues between Holly and Mesa CEO Jonathan Ornstein, things become more clear.

In response to this suit, Holly started CAN EAT WAFFLES. Yes, this ridiculous name stands for the Coalition Against Negative Energy And Time Wasted Arduously Fighting Frivolous Lawsuits Exemplifying Superfluousness. It is a ridiculous name, but that’s because it’s a ridiculous lawsuit.

As a blogger, this obviously concerns me a great deal, because I can’t see anything Holly said that deserves a lawsuit. If more companies start to use the courts to intimidate bloggers, it’s going to make writing a blog without worrying about the consequences of negative posts very difficult , regardless of how true they are.

How can you help? Well, Holly’s legal bills are mounting, and she welcomes donations if you want to join the fight. If you think blogs are valuable, then I encourage you to think about this so that all of us can continue to write true and compelling content, even when it shows some companies in a negative light.

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