Continental’s Not Here to Start No Trouble . . .

. . . they’re just here to do the terminal shuffle.

Ok, maybe that joke is about 20 years too late, but someone out there will get it.

Anyway, thanks to Today in the Sky for pointing out that Continental has announced that they’ll be doing a little terminal shifting over at their Newark hub. Here you can see the current layout.

08_03_05 coewrshuffle

Between now and June, all those Continental flights in Terminal A going to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth, and DC will come back into Terminal C. Meanwhile, all the Continental Express flying in Terminal C will come over to Terminal A.

Wait, that doesn’t seem balanced does it? How can all those little CoEx flights move into a spot that seems like it would be much smaller. Did they get a bigger chunk of Terminal A? Anyone have a clue?

No matter what, it should open up some more gates for Continental in C, assuming they hold on to all those C gates for themselves. Between now and June, it’s anybody’s guess where your flight may actually be. Just remember two things. If you’re outside security and need to switch terminals, head to the AirTrain. If you’re beyond security, definitely take the bus between gates C71 and A28.

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