Lots of Checked Baggage

As you might expect, this ban on liquids in the aircraft cabin has resulted in a lot of extra checked baggage. I’ve heard rumors, but the Chicago Tribune is the first I’ve seen to show actually numbers.

The article shows that on Monday, Chicago/O’Hare saw nearly 61,000 bags checked, up from 46,000 the Monday before – that’s a huge increase.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, a lot more bags being checked probably means longer lines at the ticket counter. Check in online at home and then you can go straight to the baggage drop at the airport. That will save you time.

The big bottleneck that had been anticipated at security isn’t happening. People have less stuff and are moving through security very quickly. It’s baggage checking that can cause delays.

And of course, more checked bags put more stress on the system. This could mean more lost luggage, but we won’t know for sure until the DOT rankings come out in a couple months.

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Airports are a breeze without carryons. Security is faster, boarding is much faster. All in all, it would seem like carriers could get more turns from their planes if they would restrict carryons to one realisitically sized item (not the freaking steamer trunks people try to bring) and then focus on improving the efficiency, security and speed of baggage checking and delivery.

Any thoughts on why this is such a manual (and poorly run) part of the experience?

Tucano Bandeirante
Tucano Bandeirante

Amen, anon. One, I feel quite liberated without dragging all that crap. Two, it’s just weird to see people not fighting over the overhead bins. I’ve traveled 3 times since the new regs were in place, and I haven’t had one problem. TSA has been fast and courteous and my bags have been delivered quickly. I hope it stays this way forever!!!