The Cranky Flier Interview with Norse Atlantic President Charles Duncan

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After Norwegian’s long-haul failure, the former founders got together, scooped up 15 of Norwegian’s 787s for cheap, and launched Norse Atlantic to pick up where Norwegian failed.

The original plan for Norse Atlantic has not looked very impressive and performance has not been good, but now, Charles Duncan — formerly at Continental, United, and WestJet — is stepping in as President and he has big plans.

I spent a half an hour talking to Charles about why Norse Atlantic is going to make low-cost, long-haul work where so many others have failed before. His plan is certainly different than Norse’s original launch plan, and it is clearly a better plan. But will it work? Time will tell.

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3 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview with Norse Atlantic President Charles Duncan

  1. I share similar hesitancies and reservations as CF but Charles Duncan and NORSE has my support. I would love to see longhaul low cost work. Always great to see success in aviation from careers with roots in Micronesia. Biba Norse!

  2. I thought you had to be named “Bjorn” to be an executive at Norse Atlantic.

    I’m always rooting for new startups, and they’ve already deviated from the set LCLH playbook by not being shy about avoiding major airports (unlike Play which has decided they are the carrier who will finally make Stewart work!), but I have to admit I would not buy stock in them.

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