A New Cranky Talk is Live – Frontier Launches GoWild! Is it Worth It?

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We know you missed us during our Thanksgiving hiatus, but we are back, and we are ready to talk about airlines again. Ok, so I’m only partially ready… I’ve been battling quite the cold. I apologize for the sound of my voice on this episode.

This week, Dave and I talk about Frontier’s GoWild! all-you-can-fly pass. And even though we ask the question in the title about whether it’s worth it, what we really mean is… is it worth it for Dave to buy the pass for next year?

Dave is a millennial with no children. This kind of pass might be perfect. Or it might not be. You’ll just have to listen in and see what he decides.

Email Dave here to tell him why he made the wrong choice.

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1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Frontier Launches GoWild! Is it Worth It?

  1. I guess the “GoWild!” branding fits Frontier’s wild animal theme, but the inner 13 year old in me is a little disappointed that Spirit didn’t claim that as a trademark and try to co-promote it by resurrecting the infamous “Many Islands, Low Fares” promotion.

    A press release with a headline like, “Spirit’s MILFs, GoWild! Promotions Allow For Unlimited Fun in the Sun This Winter” seems like it would be a magnum opus for Spirit’s marketing team.

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