A New Cranky Talk is Live – A Breakdown of Biden’s Junk Fee Speech

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Maybe you caught President Biden’s speech about junk fees last week. If so, our condolences. It was not one of his best. And for that reason, we decided that it was time to do a breakdown talking about each point he made about the airline industry with a very hefty dose of hotel resort fees thrown in.

As usual, when we delve into anything remotely political, I’m sure I will be accused by many comments of being too liberal or too conservative. I get them both equally depending upon the way the wind is blowing. So, enjoy your rants in the comments below… as long as you avoid stupid conspiracy theories and hateful speech. I know it’ll be hard for you, but try your best.

Email Dave here to tell him how he too is too liberal and/or conservative.

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2 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – A Breakdown of Biden’s Junk Fee Speech

    1. Thanks Abcdefg! I’ve been thinking about your comment since I read it a few hours ago, and while I will never get into “politics” I think you have raised a very important point! Being “centrist” is IMHO the only way to go! It allows you to agree with the best of both parties when sensible policies are proposed. How can we ever stop the endless and mindless bickering and fighting that goes on between supposedly intelligent human beings!
      I say Cranky for President in 2024!

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