Cranky on the Web: Cranky Dorkfest Post-Mortem, A Checked Bag Primer

Cranky Dorkfest

Plane-spotters from around the world flock to LAX In-N-OutSpectrum News
Many of you at Cranky Dorkfest may have seen someone lurking around, asking questions. That was Dave (not our Dave), and he was putting together a great little look at the event for Spectrum News 1 here in LA which I’m told is also on NY1 in New York. I really enjoyed the piece, so click and take a look for yourself.

Hundreds of AvGeeks descend on LAX for annual ritual of burgers and planespottingTPG
And if you didn’t see Dave, maybe you saw Ethan from TPG out there talking to the crowd as well. Here’s his story about the event

The completely correct guide to the rules of baggage claimThe Washington Post
Is it completely correct? Seems pretty good to me, and I gave some of my suggested tips to help the reporter build out the story.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Cranky Dorkfest Post-Mortem, A Checked Bag Primer

    1. Saw that… That’s one way to keep people from crowding the baggage claim. Now if they can only find a similar solution for the infamous “gate lice” problem, especially at airports with very little airside space and lots of WN flights (looking at you, MCI).

      Apparently someone forgot to wrap a good bit of tape around the cooler that held the crabs.

      Hope they found all those crabs quickly, else that baggage claim may never smell right again, and the cleaning crew might get a little… crabby.

  1. Air Tags really do work. When our bags were delated in May on our Belfast-Edinburgh-Dulles flight (don’t ask), the air tags showed the bags were in Edinburgh, not still in Belfast as Aer Lingus incorrectly told us. Of course, it helped that we has seen the bags being loaded on the plane at the Belfast airport.

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