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Links I Love

It’s been a good run, but as of today, I’m officially killing my Friday “3 Links I Love” post. Shock! Horror! Fear! I know, you’re feeling that full range of emotions, but the good news is that something better is coming….

I’m working on this new Friday plan to start in a month, but there are some moving parts here that need to be nailed down before the launch. So for now, enjoy your peace and quiet on Fridays and stay tuned.

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11 comments on “I’m Done Loving Links

  1. Hmmm… A new Friday feature to start in a month, launching at about the same time as the occurrence of the annual Cranky Dorkfest event… I’m going to assume that that is not a coincidence, even if they aren’t (directly) related.

    Oh, and Brett, the next time you do an event or a charity auction, it might be fun to give away / raffle / auction off one or two “limited edition” signed prints of your “Links I Love” image… Even if you tossed those in as a freebie with another prize, it would still be fun, cheap (for you), and a way to create a little additional buzz. /Just a crazy thought. :-)

  2. First it was the Alitalia cartoon, now the links. Please don’t say that we’ll never see another Godzilla picture again!

  3. Well here’s a link I love. Maybe we keep this going in the comments instead for this week at least.

  4. Here’s a link that I love – a presentation the Kansas City Aviation Department gave to BA earlier this summer in an attempt to convince them to serve MCI once the new terminal opens (which is only about six months away at this point).

    The presentation has a layout of the new terminal’s gate assignments by airline and a good amount of data on trans-Atlantic passenger travel in the KC metro and the greater region. It appears they’re hoping (and promoting to airlines) that a direct MCI – Europe flight would entice some travelers living in Omaha, Des Moines, and Wichita to make a three-hour drive to KC.


  5. Seeems like all your content is being moved behind a pay wall. Not sure if that is just the economics of how things work these days.

  6. Speaking as one whose desktop* still sees the world through the eyes of Windows XP, I’m not terribly upset as I couldn’t access a growing number of the links.

    *However, my up-to-date, state-of-the-art tablet and smartphone go where my desktop can only dream of!

    I’m looking forward to your new Friday feature. I wish it, and you, all the best!

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