A New Cranky Talk is Live – How Realistic are Electric Planes?


Cranky Talk – How Realistic are Electric Planes?

This is the week that Dave has been waiting for. He’s wanted to talk about electric airplanes for a long time, and I’ve always pushed it off, because I just don’t see much value on the near-term horizon. I shouldn’t have argued with him.

Have you ever wanted to hear Dave get animated. It’s your lucky week! Join us as we talk about everything from short range so-called “urban mobility vehicles” — I do start feeling ill every time I hear that buzzy term– to still stupidly short, but at least slightly longer-range commuter aircraft.

Email Dave here and tell him how you feel about his newfound passion.

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1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – How Realistic are Electric Planes?

  1. Most of these projects seem designed to replace taxis in town, or to offer package delivery. There’s not much ground infrastructure for that, but it’s early days. I’m pretty sure major airlines want the public image enhancement that comes with associating themselves with electric aircraft. It’s a nice distraction from the knowledge that they drink up Jet-A in gargantuan quantities. If we truly want to green up our air transport system, we’ll let airlines buy into high speed rail for trips if less than 500 miles. That might be better for everyone.

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