3 Links I Love: CEO Interview, Getting COVID, Building Kansai, More

Links I Love

This Week’s Featured Link

American CEO Doug Parker sits down with Kara Swisher for a 37 minute interview on the Sway podcast from The New York Times.

Depressing Image of the Week

This was supposed to be my view this entire week in the Pacific Northwest. Instead, I’m home, not allowed to leave my house thanks to a symptomatic breakthrough COVID infection. The whole family has it now. In fact, thanks to draconian airline rules, I had to cancel two trips. Thanks to the vaccine, it’s largely felt like a bad cold at the worst of times, and I’m much better now than I was. But I will have much to say about this and travel in the coming days.

Two for the Road

The aerial evolution of Osaka KansaiBlue Concourse – The Airport History Blog
Look at these photos, and just imagine how much went into this project. It’s something that we just can’t imagine the government ever allowing, let alone funding, here in the US.

Aleutian Airways to Launch New Nonstop Service Between Anchorage and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor this FallAleutian Airways News
Ok, so Alaska Seaplanes is joining up with Wexford Capital’s money to acquire old PenAir Saab 2000s to restart Dutch Harbor. Alaska is a special place.

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12 comments on “3 Links I Love: CEO Interview, Getting COVID, Building Kansai, More

  1. Get well soon, Covid sucks, I had it last year in June. I don’t want it again, and I don’t want anyone spreading it!

  2. Here’s to a fast/full recovery for all of you!

    Just listened to Parker on a flight. I don’t know what I’ve always imagined he sounded like, but this wasn’t it. Good episode, though.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that your entire family was struck with Covid. Thank god that you all were vaccinated.

  4. Hope everyone is doing better. Sorry to hear that. Hope you can make it back up to the PNW soon.

  5. Get well, and looking forward to learning how this happened (I hope not travel related – I am back in the air every week…). Regarding Kansai, the famous sinking airport of Japan, land of limitless concrete and building permits… If you want to get an understanding of the general approach to Japanese vanity… I mean building projects, read the book “Dogs and Demons: Tales from the Dark Side of Japan” by Alex Kerr.

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