3 Links I Love: Interview with Flair and Gatwick, Freedom One, Long Walks in Salt Lake

Links I Love, SLC - Salt Lake City

This Week’s Featured Link

Deep Dive: Interview With Flair Airlines CEO Stephen JonesAirways Mag
This is a video production of just over 8 minutes that includes snippets of interviews with the CEO of Flair and others. Flair is one of several trying to make a go of ultra low cost flying in Canada. So far, nobody has really cracked that nut.

Video of the Week

Southwest doesn’t do a lot of special liveries anymore, but it put together one honoring the US flag to celebrate the airline’s 50th anniversary. At first I thought Southwest was bringing back the America West Ohio livery, but nay, it’s Freedom One for the whole US. Here’s a “making of” video which is always fun to watch.

Two for the Road

Gatwick Airport poised for a quick COVID-19 recovery once traffic resumes, says CEOFuture Travel Experience
If you’ve got an hour to spare, here’s an interview with the CEO of London’s Gatwick airport.

Long walk to new SLC airport terminal put to the testFox 13 Salt Lake City
There’s nothing quite like local news. “Everyone is saying the walk to gates at the new SLC is really long, so we’re gonna film ourselves walking.” Spoiler alert… it is really long.

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11 comments on “3 Links I Love: Interview with Flair and Gatwick, Freedom One, Long Walks in Salt Lake

  1. I would hope that the “geniuses” who are in charge of ABIA are listening to the comments about SLC’s new terminal. If you deplane from single number gates or gates in the 20’s you have to walk down half of the concourse just to exit. Really dumb

    1. Issue is there aren’t really any other places to put exits, as adding exits would remove checkpoint space I think…and we need checkpoint space.

      Only a 4-5 minute walk anyway. It’s not like we’re talking about DEN’s B concourse.

      At least the plan for a midfield concourse won’t make things much worse, despite having significant extra gate capacity. Versus just making the existing concourse longer.

      1. The problem is that I fractured a vertabrae and even though it is healing it’s painful to walk long distances. I believe that they could have put in an exit lane where the TSA has a checkpoint near Gate 10

    2. I stopped watching when the reporter said “I am not using any moving walkways”

      Long walks in airports for connections with moving walkways (hi DEN, PDX, MSP) aren’t the issue. Airports with little or no walkways (hi ORD) are just bad design.

  2. Oh wow a 20 minute walk… the inhumanity… the assault on our fragile bodies.

    Personally, after a flight, I welcome the opportunity to walk and stretch a bit. Most Americans could do with a bit more exercise anyway!

  3. I live in London and have used Gatwick over 200 times. An interview with their CEO would be very interesting to read… but I just can’t face spending an hour watching a video for an hour to hear maybe just a few sentences of information which is not in standard press releases. I wish Future Travel Experience would publish a transcript instead…

  4. Lot’s of whining here, and the reporterette could have used the moving walkway which would have saved time. Unlike MIA, these are what I’d call “growing pains”. You’ve got the (incomplete) new terminal, but the entire design isn’t finished yet. Once it is, the walk will be more manageable to even the farthest gates.

    Ever try changing planes at MIA? You’ve got miles of walking, and much of it does not include the option of a moving walkway. However, it does all include outright rude employees and a whole lot of rowdy and obnoxious passengers around you at all times. Things that do not afflict SLC.

    1. Reporterette? You know you don’t have to create new sexist terms to make up for the ones society is doing away with.

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