A New Cranky Talk is Live – New Airlines on the Block


Cranky Talk – New Airlines on the Block

Spring has sprung, the leaves are growing, the birds are singing, and little baby airlines are hatching. Or something like that. There are a whole bunch of new airlines, so Dave and I sat down to to talk more about three of them: Avelo, Breeze, and Connect.

Come for the insightful discussion, stay for the singing. Dave wishes I was kidding, but oh no, I’m not. Don’t worry, I nixed the idea of singing the entire show for fear that it might cause someone physical harm. It’s just a little at the beginning and at the end.

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Download it here or listen below.

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Listen to the show for this week’s The Airchive trivia question. See if you know the answer and we’ll tell you if you’re right next time. And for all your avgeeky needs, head to TheAirchive.net for a treasure trove of photos, timetables, and more.

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