Cranky on the Web: What the Future Will Bring, Surging Airline Demand


Even though these happened over the last couple weeks, I haven’t actually published a Cranky on the Web in awhile. So consider this a catch-up edition.

Smarter Airline Travel in 2021: Best flights, seats, and faresWendy Perrin
Wendy had her annual WOW Week, and Gary Leff and I did a Zoom talk where we answered her reader questions live. There are always good questions, and now you can watch the video yourself at the link above.

Your New Air Travel ChecklistCheapism
The author compiled a list of things to think about for those who are returning to the skies and wondering what will be different.

Airlines beef up domestic summer schedules with big jets as international trips remain uncertainCNBC
I spoke with CNBC for a piece about airlines using widebodies a lot more in domestic service. This isn’t a surprise since they have nowhere else to fly them with much of Europe and probably all of Asia remaining closed during the summer for Americans. American is doing this more than the rest, and that fits with its broader strategy to just pump capacity into the system and, as I note in the article, worry about yields later.

Airlines adapt to surging demand for summer travelKTVU

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