A New Cranky Talk is Live – How COVID is Impacting Airline Schedules


Cranky Talk – How COVID is Impacting Airline Schedules

Every Monday, I talk about the various airline schedule changes that happened during the previous week. But in those, I don’t talk about the customer impact. What happens when flights are canceled? Today, we dive right in and talk about it.

I’m told by Cranky team members who we force to listen before we publish that this was a pretty funny one. So, come for the laughs, stay for the somewhat useful information. And if you disagree that it’s funny, well that’s what Dave is for.

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Download it here or listen below.

We have NO sponsor this week. While I was happy to make up a fake one like in the old days — you’ll have to listen to find out who it is — we are actively looking for new sponsors to keep the podcast going. Email Dave if you’re interested.

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1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – How COVID is Impacting Airline Schedules

  1. With fewer flights and ample staff (thanks to the government bailouts), are airlines still trying to turn planes over at the gate as quickly as they were pre-COVID, or is there less pressure on the staff to do quick turns? I imagine the reduced pax load on many flights doesn’t hurt the turn times.

    Also, have any airlines reduced block times for some routes to less congestion on the taxiways and airspace? I imagine if it has happened it’s only been for a difference of a few minutes, but I’m curious nonetheless.

    With relatively high levels of staff and planes compared to demand, one would think that airlines should be doing pretty well in terms of operational reliability, but I’m sure that COVID-related sick calls have thrown wrenches into operations at times.

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