3 Links I Love: Geneva Goes Down, New Mint, Qantas Embraers, Boeing NMA

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This week’s featured link

SWISS temporarily reduces its Geneva flight operations to an absolute minimum in view of further-tightened travel restrictionsSWISS Newsroom
Things are looking darker and darker on the world stage for the near term. With COVID variants spreading, countries are tightening their borders and squeezing out some of the remaining travel demand that exists on the international stage. SWISS will only operate 3 departures on peak days from Geneva. Everything else is point-to-point with a business focus (especially in the winter) and there is no demand for it. Airlines are forced to send everything through their primary hubs to try to support what’s left. It’s a bleak winter, and spring isn’t likely going to look as rosy as the industry might have hoped either.

Video of the Week: As someone who loves to stare out the window, I can quibble with the herringbone design chosen here, but that is very minor. I would absolutely love to fly this. It looks like they’ve done one heck of a job. To think they can do this on a narrowbody….

Two for the road

Qantas Group Targets Domestic Growth With Alliance Airlines Capacity DealQantas News Room
On paper this does make sense. Qantas has 737s with too much capacity for secondary routes right now, and it has 717s that don’t have the range needed for some of these markets. So, have your partially-owned partner Alliance fly Embraer 190s for you on those longer, thinner routes starting with Darwin to Adelaide at 1,623 miles. (Let’s forget that the 717 might actually be able to fly that.) That’ll make the crews angry, right? Not so much. International Qantas crews will have the ability to fly these airplanes while their fleet remains grounded. Pretty clever.

Boeing CEO hints ‘mid-market’ aircraft remains on the tableFlightGlobal
I’m so confused. I thought the so-called NMA or MoM aircraft that would slot between the 737 MAX and the 787 was dead. Apparently it’s not. Then again, who knows what Boeing is actually thinking?

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2 comments on “3 Links I Love: Geneva Goes Down, New Mint, Qantas Embraers, Boeing NMA

  1. I think you have to pair the Boeing article with another FlightGlobal article about 787 future orders nosediving.
    Can’t rely on 797 sales, 737max reputation in tatters, gotta come up with something to sell.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One of Boeing’s biggest mistakes was not making the 757NEO. I just wonder how much money they gave to Airbus by conceding to the A321NEO.

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