3 Links I Love: Norwegian’s End May Be Near, Ditching in the Pacific, Take a Break From Business

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This week’s featured link

Norwegian forced to furlough an additional 1,600 employees following the government’s decision not to give further supportNorwegian
Norwegian says it needs more money to survive. Norway says no, go pound sand. This could be the death knell. In response, Norwegian is slashing 1,600 jobs and will have only about 600 left. It will shrink back to only flying domestic Norway routes with 6 airplanes since those routes are subsidized. I don’t know how much longer this can go on, but it doesn’t look good for the airline.

Image of the Week: Congratulations to DEN on trying to debunk all the conspiracy theories, but we know the truth is out there….

Two for the road

PC-12 Ditches in the PacificAirliners.net
Rarely do I find myself linking to an a.net thread, but this one is fantastic. A PC-12 was ferrying across the Pacific when it ditched in the ocean about 1,100 miles northeast of O’ahu. An Alaska aircraft that was flying over relayed the details to help them find the airplane, and that pilot chimed in on this thread talking about what she did. It’s a great read.

Take a Break from BusinessUnited
I must have missed this before, but a reader sent it along to me. For those people who work at companies with corporate contracts at United, the airline is offering 10% off personal travel to get them flying again.

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2 comments on “3 Links I Love: Norwegian’s End May Be Near, Ditching in the Pacific, Take a Break From Business

  1. The ditching story was pretty amazing, I read it a few days ago. Scary stuff, but the crew were pros and they prepared for the eventuality. But damn, that is scary work ferrying stuff that far without any diversion landing sites. And congrats to the AS crew for working with the Pilatus crew during their mayday call.

  2. Flying 2000 plus miles over open ocean in a single engine aircraft is not for the weak of heart. There are several youtube videos that provide details of these types of flights; one includes a round the world flight on a Diamond DA40.
    It is great that there are still people that embrace the adventure of aviation. Even greater that there are now ample backstops when things go wrong.

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