A New Cranky Talk Is Live: How Airlines Are Keeping Travelers Safe

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Cranky Talk: How Airlines are Keeping Travelers Safe

It’s Cranky Talk time again, and this week, it’s a super-sized 18+ minute podcast. Why is it so long? Well, we had a lot to talk about.

See, this week we really dive into the whole “health and safety” thing, and it is quite bewildering. But fear not, you’ll have a better understanding after hearing us blather on.

Download it here or listen below.

I’m pleased to once again thank this week’s sponsor, Turbulence Forecast. Almost every flight you take has turbulence, but wouldn’t you like to know how much there will be and when it will happen?  Check out turbulenceforecast.com for worldwide turbulence maps, interpretations, and a concierge forecast by email service.  You can receive a personalized turbulence forecast before your flight from the founder of the website. 

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1 comment on “A New Cranky Talk Is Live: How Airlines Are Keeping Travelers Safe

  1. Dave is definitely a bit negative (and I do wish he’d make his schtick slightly more cranky and slightly less negative), but the more podcasts you do with him the more I think he serves as a decent foil / color commentator to your play-by-play commentary, Brett. It is called the “Cranky Talk” podcast, after all… It needs to have some attitude, and a little cynicism / cranky-ness is fine.

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