3 Links I Love: Filling the Void, Boeing in a Pickle, Slots

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This week’s featured link:

Lufthansa to start flying to Ljubljana after Adria Airways’ collapseReuters
Question: Oh no, what will happen if our national airline fails?! Answer: A better airline will move in and serve the markets that have demand.

Image of the Week: Happy 100th birthday, KLM. The airline put together a little video to tug on those heart strings, and it works quite nicely. How am I celebrating? Well, I’ve booked my first flight on KLM.

Two for the road:

Boeing’s 737 in another pickle, Part 2Leeham News and Analysis
Boeing just can’t catch a break. Now a critical part on existing 737s is cracking even though it never should have been. A fix is on the way and some airplanes have been grounded. Here’s a detailed post about what’s going on.

Heathrow slots: the insiders guideRuby
Have you ever wanted to know more about slots at Heathrow? Well, too bad. Now you’re going to learn anyway. This is Virgin Atlantic’s blog, and they trot out their expert to give details on how it all works.

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9 comments on “3 Links I Love: Filling the Void, Boeing in a Pickle, Slots

  1. Why “temporary” repairs “so they can keep flying?” When is Boeing going to suck it up and do things the RIGHT way instead of the on-the-cheap, halfassed BandAid way? Isn’t that the kind of thinking that got them into this mess?

    They still don’t get it, do they?

    1. And now I’m reading that they’re considering using a re-engined 767 for use as their “new” mid-market aircraft. Yes the 767 is a fine aircraft. It’s also a very old design. But that’s how Boeing rolls these days: it’s “shareholder value” that comes first, second, third, etc. Anything else (like innovation) takes a back seat.

    2. A temporary repair – provided that repair is safe – would be preferable to the airlines with affected planes if the alternative is for affected planes to be out of service for weeks…especially for customers who already have 737 Max planes out of service.

      Southwest already has 2 737NGs grounded because of the cracks on top of the 31 Max models.

      The article raises one additional question: does the possibility that the stress load changes from retrofitting winglets/sharklets mean that all models of plane with winglets/sharklets need to be inspected?

  2. Seems like the government isn’t taking your good advice:

    “while the government is contemplating forming a new airline carrier to improve Slovenia’s international airline connections.”

  3. Marketing, KLM:

    I admit to cringing a bit when this video started: expecting, and then getting, learning that a little girl’s big dream involve serving coffee*. Then the granddaughter dreams bigger, and she’s driving a 747-800.

    It’s a process. I get it. But less time on the FAs, and more time showing female pilots kicking the tires, please.

    I still cringe.

    * Snarky. FAs, especially these days, are essential professionals; no crafty or dodgy diminution meant. My point, and the point that the video should exemplify, is choice. Let the little girl dream of whatever she wants — and then, as she works hard, help achieve it by removing sexist road blocks.

  4. The argument against national ownership of flag carriers is betrayed by events such as the diplomatic blockade of Qatar. Without Qatar Airways, there is no way that Qatar would have been able to survive economically after being blocked from connecting to its neighbors and had multiple airspaces taken away from them. While an extreme situation, one can imagine similar issues for other small countries where they could potentially lose essential connectivity to be able to stay afloat.

    1. I don’t know the details, but would a private Qatar Airways not been able to provide same service?

  5. Ahhh ! ! , when winglets were just a curiosity & a company here & there was installing ( on 727 ‘ s ) & investigating the fuel savings , I heard Boeing would not warrant the wings , so it all stopped. Maybe there is a basis for the pickle fittings.

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