3 Links I Love: More EAS Cuts, Boeing and Embraer Cuddle Up, Hope for Mexico City

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This week’s featured link:
US DOT terminates EAS availability at 21 communitiesch-aviation
It’s that time again when the Department of Transportation culls the list of essential air service markets. This year, 21 airports are in danger of losing their service, though we know not all will be kicked out.

Two for the road:
Boeing to take over Embraer unit, taking on Airbus-BombardierReuters
The big two aircraft manufacturers have consolidated their power. Soon after Airbus closed on the deal to acquire Bombardier’s C-Series, now Boeing is going to create a joint venture with Embraer for their commercial line.

AMLO Won’t Halt Mexico’s $13 Billion Airport — At Least Not YetBloomberg
Just a follow up on something I’d mentioned previously… Mexico’s new president is backing off his strong statements that he’d ditch the partially-built new Mexico City airport. Now he’s just going to review all options.

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5 comments on “3 Links I Love: More EAS Cuts, Boeing and Embraer Cuddle Up, Hope for Mexico City

  1. Last fall 27 EAS airports failed to meet minimum boardings and/or max per-passenger subsidy and every one but Jamestown NY got a waiver. Would not be a surprise if fewer than five actually get dropped.

  2. One of the cities, Prescott, Arizona, is about a two to three hour drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (mostly depending on traffic). There are shuttle busses that run regularly between Prescott and Sky Harbor. Then one wonders why few board an airplane.

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