The Cranky Flier Interview: Hawaiian CEO Peter Ingram and SVP Revenue Management and Network Brent Overbeek

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My vacation is just getting started, so enjoy this week of posts about my visit with Hawaiian. I’m back with regular content on July 3.

I mentioned in my trip report last week that I had to get to the Long Beach Airport for Hawaiian’s inaugural really, really early. That’s because President and CEO Peter Ingram was in town along with Brent Overbeek, SVP of Revenue Management and Network Planning. They flew in on the inaugural from Honolulu TO Long Beach the night before, but they weren’t coming back with us. So I had to sit down with them before we boarded.

[Disclosure: Hawaiian provided the flight and paid for the hotel night in Honolulu.]

In the 17 minute 45 second interview, we covered a range of topics from Long Beach to the neo and Southwest’s pending entrance in the Hawaiian market. You can listen here.

I apologize for the background noise. The original plan was to make this the first true Across the Aisle interview on the airplane, but there were security issues, and they couldn’t make it happen. The PR person assured me that they would find a quiet spot for us, but I just laughed. There is no quiet place past security in Long Beach. So we just grabbed a seat on the patio outside the wine bar with a view of the palm trees. (That’s Peter on the left.)

It was a great spot, but the announcements just kept coming. Hopefully it doesn’t distract you from what was an interesting discussion.

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1 comment on “The Cranky Flier Interview: Hawaiian CEO Peter Ingram and SVP Revenue Management and Network Brent Overbeek

  1. Not being of Hawaiian extraction, and never having set foot on the islands, I wondered what the hand gesture is that both gents are making in the photo above. With a couple of magic gestures on my keyboard I discovered this is the Shaka sign, which is a good thing in Hawaii, and not some sort of demonic and/or gang thing. Glad to know I can safely fly Hawaiian without inadvertently supporting satanism! I’ve learned my New Thing for today! Wow!

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