3 Links I Love: Airline CEOs Gather in Sydney, Heathrow Steps Ahead, Elite Airways

LHR - London/Heathrow, Links I Love

This week’s featured link:
So Long, Sydney: Take-Aways From IATA’s Meeting of World’s Airline ExecsStuck at the Airport
I’ve still never been to IATA’s annual general meeting (AGM), because there always seems to be some kind of conflict. One day I hope to go since it’s quite the impressive gathering of airline CEOs. I didn’t find all that much newsy coming out of the event this year, but Harriet put together a brief synopsis with some links for those who want to see more about what went on.

Two for the road:
Heathrow Airport: Cabinet approves new runway planBBC
Another step forward for Heathrow’s 3rd runway. Now they say 2026… sure, right. I’ll believe it when I see an airplane landing on it.

John Pearsall of Elite AirwaysBill Green’s Maine
The opening shot of this local program seems to be about the Maine-est thing possible. Frankly, Elite is an airline that’s been around for a long time doing a lot of random things, and I’ve almost completely ignored it. Apparently 757s are now coming? I don’t understand how this airline even exists, but something tells me that the profitable sports charter business allows them to try other strange things (like Bimini, which surprised Bill Green as well) and still survive.

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4 comments on “3 Links I Love: Airline CEOs Gather in Sydney, Heathrow Steps Ahead, Elite Airways

  1. It was funny to see the Apple IIe on John Pearson’s desk, very Elite. Good thing the dispatcher didn’t use the same computer.

    1. Haha that’s a Macintosh SE/30. From 1989, the fastest B&W Mac ever made! But that keyboard looks like the original Mac keyboard, which isn’t compatible with an SE/30. And, no mouse! Gonna guess it’s more decorative than working, especially since SE/30s all need new capacitors by now. (I have one, sadly it’s not reliably working)

  2. Hooray, more shambolic “progress” toward Heathrow expansion from the dithering capital of the world! Excited to see all the excuses they come up with to halt it this time. UK infrastructure planning is so embarrassingly bad… I know they’ll find a way!

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