Cranky on the Web: JetBlue’s Short Short Scandal, United Polaris


Cranky on the Web
JetBlue Defends Decision to Ask Passenger to Replace Booty Shorts Before Boarding Flight. Will the Incident Affect Its Brand?Entrepreneur
If you haven’t heard, there was another incident where someone was deemed to be wearing inappropriate clothing and was banned from flying. This time it was JetBlue, and I was asked whether this would have any longer term impact on the airline. (No. No. No.)

United’s international business class gets an upgradeHouston Chronicle
I’ll be writing more about United’s new Polaris business class experience on Monday, but you can get an idea of how I view this from my quotes in this Houston Chronicle article. As an added bonus, you can see Mike Boyd suggest this could be about competing with Air China and Hainan. Uh, right.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web: JetBlue’s Short Short Scandal, United Polaris

  1. Policing people’s clothing is silly. And it is almost always directed at women. I have never seen slovenly dressed men in cargo shorts at ill fitting tank tops with the sweaty glaze of a man who has drank too much on vacation told to dress “appropriately.”

    1. Have you EVER seen anyone who was told to dress appropriately by an airline? In your vast experience does ALMOST ALWAYS mean this one instance? And seriously, Maggie McMuffin, the “panty boss” and “pelvis of justice”; an obvious exhibitionist. Should nothing be said until she attempts to board in a g-string and pasties? I agree the drunks, the foul smelling, the vulgar clothing should all be policed, along with attention seeking strippers. By the way, it should be “has drunk too much” not “drank”.

      1. And I am proven right in flying colors. For a person being critical around word choice, context and grammar seem to be difficult. If you note the “almost always” applies to “policing people’s clothing.” Not policing people’s clothing on airplanes, but policing people’s clothing in general, be it in travel, walking down the street, etc.

  2. Smart woman, she’s a performer so knows if she is dressed like that itwill make headlines and get heron the news

  3. How about enforcing a no stink policy instead? So tired of people that reek (not talking other cultures or overseas flights, domestic legs). One flight a guy smelled so bad it was like being in the autopsy suite with a decomp. NOT GOOD.

    All goes back to thinking of others not just yourself, projecting some civility for the duration your jammed together, etc.

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