Cranky on the Web – Talking Airports, More American-US Airways Cutover


TT016: Airport and Airline Trends With The Cranky Flier Brett SnyderThe Terminal Podcast
Jonathan had me on his podcast meant for airport professionals. We talked about a whole bunch of fun things. If you have 30 minutes, click on the link to listen.

American Airlines / US Airways Cutover Shows Promising Early ResultsAirways News
Airways had a ton of coverage on the American/US Airways coverage and I was quoted in this piece.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web – Talking Airports, More American-US Airways Cutover

  1. I had a very disturbing incident on US 2029 from CLT to SFO. The pilot, when we reached 10,000 feet gave the route and weather report and said we were flying to Frisco. When we reached Utah, he again gave arrival information into Frisco.

    There is no airport in Frisco (Texas). I sat in first and observed many people getting on who were non-experienced flyers, foreigners, and people speaking a foreign language. All of them I can assure you thought the plane was flying to San Francisco. Go online and type in “Don’t call San Francisco Frisco” and page after page will tell you the term Frisco is demeaning and as one person said, used by an “idiot.”

    1. “Frisco” is an old timers word. Growing up heard all the older relatives use Frisco and they were not idiots. What I hate is ‘The City’, anytime I hear someone say that I always make sure to ask them ‘what city’

      1. There is only ONE city. San Franciscans seem to hate San Fran and Frisco, but “The City” is always allowed.

    2. Dude really? freaken really? wow!!! just uppity folkes you all are I see! the heck with it ill call it frisco all day regardless. you folks just need to get a grip!

  2. When I used to fly the line, I enjoyed giving the welcome aboard announcement before they shut the
    doors. Welcome aboard our flight to “New Providence Island” etc etc. You would hear the call buttons
    going off. “Stewardess I supposed to being going to Nassau!”. The Bahamians on board would just

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