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PlaneBusiness Cranky Analysis: The Transcon WarsPlaneBusiness Banter ($Subscription Required$)
In my next installment of my monthly column with PlaneBusiness, I took a look at transcon flying and whether the race to install flat beds is worth it or not.

In the Trenches: The Complexity of Background ChecksIntuit Small Business Blog
I’m working on hiring a new employee and getting an easy background check is proving to be more elusive than it should be. (If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.)

2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (June 24 – 28)

    1. There are those times when you (as employer) or customers want more assurance than a list of friends saying that the applicant is a great guy. Do you want someone convicted of embezzlement as accountant for your company? A criminal background check can prevent some (but not all) problems.

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