Cranky on the Web (November 26 – 30)

British Airways

2022: Cheap flights, more rail and hands-free
This look into the future from CNN included a few quotes from me about the rise of ultra low cost carriers.

British Airways’ In-Flight Movie Rules Finally Join the 21st CenturyConde Nast Daily Traveler
British Airways has prodded the government to finally allow passengers to watch movies on built-in systems from the time they get onboard until the time they leave. No longer do you have to wait to be airborne.

In the Trenches: Choosing Company HolidaysIntuit Small Business Blog
One of the less thought-about tasks in building a small business is figuring out which days are considered holidays.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (November 26 – 30)

  1. Holidays

    In years pass I’ve worked for a company that gave your birthday off as a paid holiday. Also in this melting pot country of ours a ‘Floating’ paid holiday fits those that want a day off for some a cultural day of their native country that they may celebrate.

    Presidents Day is tricky in your business since that could be a busy travel weekend for those sick of winter snow and want t three day weekend getaway.

    1. In general on the “holidays” issue…

      Cranky thought 10 was way too many, but seemed to settle on 8. That’s not far off :) My company gives us 8 scheduled holidays (oddly, not the Friday after Thanksgiving, even though the office is dead that day) and 2 floaters. I like floaters.

  2. The year 2022

    Don’t be to sure, I was born in the mid 50’s and by the time I was adult we were to have flying cars and robot maids. It’s 2012 and I’m still waiting for “The Jetsons” era….lol

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