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The EU’s Airplane Carbon Trading Program and What It MeansConde Nast Daily Traveler
I took a look at the recently-suspended emissions trading system in Europe and the politics behind it.

Holiday travel and tighter planes raise likelihood of having larger seatmatesCleveland Plain Dealer
I was asked to comment on another article about passengers who can’t fit in one seat.

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You have to be really, really big not to fit in an airplane seat, even in coach. I consider myself big at 6′ 1” tall and 260 lbs; however I have no problem fitting in a coach seat with the armrest down, and I don’t need an extender for the seat belt. I’m not exactly comfortable, but that’s as much due to the lack of legroom as it is the seat width (obviously I avoid the middle seat). I travel by air about 6 to 10 times per year and fortunately have never had to sit next to someone too… Read more »

David SF eastbay

Larger Seatmates:

Airlines better start doing a better job handling this type situation in the boarding area or before the plane takes off. If to many people start complaining to their elected officials in Washington, the feds will start passing laws to put more room in the planes.

Airlines don’t see to get it that they need to police themselves before the feds get involved and start passing laws they won’t like.


Since when was a coach seat 25″ wide? They haven’t changed any since the 707 was introduced. Legroom has shrunk but coach seatwidth if anything is more than in those days due to lighter weight, thinner materials