Cranky on the Web (April 4 – 8)


10 Signs You Should Take a Break From TravelingIntuit Small Business Blog
A fun look at the ten signs you’ve been traveling too much.

Pay attention! Airlines stretch to make safety funCNN Out of the Office
Considering how many incidents there have been recently, the safety video piece is timely. But I’m looking at the lighter side of safety videos.

Sky Wars: China + Bombardier Face Off Against Boeing and AirbusBNET Headwinds
I had a straggler BNET post from last month that just went live this week on Bombardier joining with China to challenge for aircraft sales.

In the Trenches: Reducing Dependence on MeIntuit Small Business Blog
The hardest part for any entrepreneur – reducing self-dependence. It’s needed.

3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 4 – 8)

  1. You could also need a break from traveling if you come home after work and wonder why your bed isn’t made and the used towels in the bathroom haven’t been replaced yet…….lol

  2. Of course the smaller airlines have been making fun videos for years. Austrian Airlines has had a cute animation since 2007 (and possibly before) and Cebu Pacific had their ‘dancing flight attendants’ video a couple of years back.

    It seems that the smaller airlines are able to innovate. The larger airlines just go ‘harrumph’ and take longer to catch on.

  3. You also need a break from traveling if you look for a bill on the floor by your door whenever you walk by. Especially if you live in a condo.

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