Cranky on the Web (January 24-28)

BNET, Frontier, LHR - London/Heathrow

At Heathrow, a New $7 Billion Terminal Actually Doesn’t Seem CrazyBNET Headwinds
Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was incredibly expensive, but BA says it’s saving the airline more money every day, so it’s worth it.

Why Frontier Airlines Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time SoonBNET Headwinds
A post came out suggesting that Frontier wouldn’t exist by the end of this year. That’s laughable.

In the Trenches: Burning OutIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s been a long time coming, but I’m starting to feel twinges of burnout. It’s time to fight that feeling.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (January 24-28)

  1. It actually does add up that the huge expense of Heathrow T5 will be worth it as British Airways are happy with the efficiaency and savings they are making and of course just as importantly passengers have a much better experience when using the new terminal

    1. However, a new terminal still won’t solve the issue of limited runway capacity and all the overcrowding. Also, maybe a $4-5 billion terminal would have worked just fine (although we will never know), and while it still would be expensive, saving $2-3 billion certainly isn’t a bad thing.

  2. Really the whole post on companies that will disappear is garbage. Target acquiring Office Depot, right that will go other great with share holders. These companies he writes about most of them are not going to “Disappear in 2011” they may just have a new parent company. I also loved the “well-known brands go belly-up. But think about it: like Circuit City, Northwest Airlines and Countrywide are gone now,” uh? Since when did Northwest go “belly up” or is that the same as merger I forget. Great job for pointing outing these false presumptions.

  3. I believe British Airways was actually split between three (not two) different terminals at Heathrow (1,3, and 4) before T5 opened but Cranky’s point is still valid.

    Now what they need to do is to get some of AA’s JFK flights in T5 and move the non-essential BA flights into T3 and connect the whole thing together.

    My opinion would be that IAG should buy Gulf Air and BA should start direct routes from regional UK cities to Bahrain a la Emirates. Reduce congestion at Heathrow and pull on the Oneworld FF base to fight Emirates in the UK.

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