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Will the BA Flight Attendant Fight Finally be Settled?

There’s a glimmer of hope out there for British Airways fliers. It appears that the airline and its flight attendants are getting very close to an agreement that would finally end all these on and off strikes. I think I speak for just about everyone when I say “It’s about …

JetBlue Introduces Boring Buy on Board Meals

You know JetBlue for their blue chips, but now they’ve decided to beef up their offerings. The airline quietly started launching buy-on-board meals this week Nuclear Salamiand the result is underwhelming to say the least.

Let’s make one thing clear. The ample selection and large variety of snacks will stay. That’s …

What’s up with Consolidators? (Ask Cranky)

I’ve got a nice big backlog of Ask Cranky posts, and I thought this would be a good time to starting clearing that out. Today, we’re talking consolidators.

Can you do a piece on consolidators/consolidator fares? It’s probably the largest aspect of the industry that I’m in the dark about.

A Compelling Argument Against Airline Mergers

When it comes to mergers in the airline industry, I’ve generally been mildly in favor. I’m not exactly a fan boy, jumping up and down with excitement, but I hadn’t really seen enough negatives to make a compelling counter-argument. Now, I can say that I’ve seen one that’s definitely thought-provoking …

Travel Tools I Love: AwardWallet

Raise your hand if you’ve memorized the frequent flier number, login, and password for every single rewards program you belong to? That’s what I thought. Many of you may know one or two (I still remember my AAdvantage number because it was also my login for eAAsySabre long ago), but …

Delta Gets a Cranky Jackass Award for Misleading One Way Award Travel

Let me make something very clear: Never, ever book one way award travel on Delta. Not only is the value poor compared Cranky Jackassto other airlines, but their screwy system overcharges you above and beyond that. It’s so misleading, that I’ve decided it’s Cranky Jackass-worthy. Now, let me explain.

We had …

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