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I spent yesterday at the first Aircraft Interiors Expo here in the US, but I’ve got a busy week ahead. So, you’ll probably see my report from the show early next week. For now, let’s talk politics.

I’m guessing that most of you are following the presidential election in the US this year (even if you don’t live here). The candidates will gladly go on and on about the economy and Iraq, but you rarely hear them talk about the subject near and dear to our hearts . . . aviation.

There should be more airtime for something like this, because it impacts millions of Americans. Are we going to build a new air traffic control system? Will there be a push for a passenger bill of rights? What will happen to the security screening process and the TSA watch list?

Like I said, this impacts you a lot.

If you want to keep an eye on things, you’ll want to read Evan Sparks’ Aviation Policy Blog. Yesterday, he had a post with links and commentary on Obama’s aviation policy and it’s worth a read.

As he notes, he has yet to be able to get a hold of McCain’s policy, but he’s trying. If he gets it, I’ll post it here as well. For now, you can read his post on what Popular Mechanics is saying about the policies of both candidates.

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