Air New Zealand’s Pink Flight

Air New Zealand

I’ve always thought that older flight attendants on legacy carriers often wear way too much makeup but this is ridiculous . . .

08_03_18 pinkflight

As you may have guessed, this was no ordinary flight. This was Air New Zealand’s Pink flight taking passengers down from San Francisco to Sydney’s Mardi Gras. My friend Paul was onboard last month and this is just one of the many, um, interesting pictures that he took. If you’d like to see more, head here.

I know we have some pretty progressive gay-friendly airlines here in the US (eg American), but could you imagine them having a special flight with Kathy Griffin and several shirtless men taking people to the San Francisco Pride parade? I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but give it a couple of years.

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4 comments on “Air New Zealand’s Pink Flight

  1. For those readers who have never heard of Air New Zealand, it is our state-owned international and domestic carrier with its Head Office in Auckland. NZ is a long skinny island country with a population of five million; one million of whom live overseas, mainly in Wombat-Land and the UK. (we also have 40 million sheep so are never lonely during the long sub-Antarctic nights on our storm-wracked Southern Ocean outpost). I recognise the person in that photo and it is not a flight attendent ecktually. It is a very senior Air NZ Check and Training Captain called Whittington Cholmondeley Ponsonby Gordonston-Willoughby, and I am here to report that he is not dressed in any way differently to his normal on-duty uniform. Our leader, the Right Hon. H. Clark, is very liberal when it comes to dress protocols. She even wore trousers when your (and ours) Monarch popped into our Parliament for a cuppa and a scone.We Kiwis may look somewhat odd, but make no mistake, we can sure fly OK!

  2. My Dad used to be a manager at ANZ. He would occasionally be tasked with creating internal training videos, and in most of them he would dress up in drag. It looks like it’s not just him being a nut. It must be the influence of those crazy Kiwis.

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