The Supercool Sukhoi Superjet Rolls Out


While the 787 rollout garnered worldwide coverage back in July, there was a more recent rollout that has basically gone unnoticed in the US. Yes, it’s the Supercool Sukhoi Superjet. The plane officially rolled out on September 26, and I must say it’s one good looking plane.

07_10_01 sukhoirollout

First flight will be within a couple months, and there are 73 firm orders. I know western airlines are hesitate about buying a plane from a Russian manufacturer considering past entries in the market, but I have to think that this will be the first time that a Russian airliner gets at least a second look from the West. In fact, an Italian airline ItAli has already ordered some for delivery.

Congratulations to Sukhoi for getting this one together. Now let’s see if it lives up to performance guarantees.

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3 comments on “The Supercool Sukhoi Superjet Rolls Out

  1. The plane does look good, though the paint job could be better.

    If the price is right, and the airplane reliable, I think this aircraft could garner sales in the West. Do you think John or Jane Q. Public knows or cares about the plane they’re flying aboard? For the most part, no.

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