Frontier Slips Into Something Tighter . . . with Leather

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Word on the street is that Frontier has a pretty nice product onboard their planes. They give you 33″ of seat pitch (1 to 2 inches above average) and they have Live TV on board. I’ll be taking my first flight on the airline in less than a month, and I’ve been really looking forward to it.

Sadly, what I may experience is not going to be the norm on the airline for long. They’ve decided to make some changes on the inside and that usually isn’t a good sign for the passengers.

The airline will be reducing seat pitch to be more in line with the industry standard. Most seats will have 32″ but the last few rows will have 31″ pitch. To be fair, the new seats are going to be thinner than the old ones so that means actual legroom won’t go down by a full 1 to 2″ but somewhere a bit less than that. This will allow the airline to put an extra 4 seats on each plane, and let’s face it . . . they can use some more revenue here.

In addition, they’re going to be switching to leather seats. The theory is that leather is easier to clean and lasts longer. So even though it may cost more upfront, it pays for itself quickly. I’ve been able to get an exclusive sneak peek of the new interior which you can see below.*

07_06_08 f9newseats

(*Picture is in no way tied to reality. I mean, come on. It’s not even an airplane. You can’t really believe that, can you?)

Ah, but there is some real good news here. They’re planning on offering in-flight email and text messaging. And in more good news, you won’t have to worry about having elbow room while you’re typing. The airline has done a study and found that people who fly on them weigh 17 pounds less than the norm. So even if your legs are a bit cramped, at least you can take solace in the fact that the person next to you won’t be spilling over into your seat. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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3 comments on “Frontier Slips Into Something Tighter . . . with Leather

  1. I live in Denver and fly them when I can. Good service, good destinations, perpetually friendly staff and good range of destinations (Costa Rica starts in November).

    The reason they claim their passengers weigh less is due to their hub (and the bulk of their customers) living in Denver. Overall our population is a little fitter than the average, but you’d think those long summer takeoff rolls would average it out.


  2. Love the DirectTV on the flights. You can watch WNBC-TV in New York, along with some other channels. It makes the time fly by.

  3. I wish they had better success with their point to point service. They’ve attempted some focus cities in California but failed twice. Other than Mexico service from Salt Lake and Kansas City, Denver is their primary and most populous market – but they service most major cities at least 2-3 times daily.

    Usually when people book a ticket with them the post follow up questions of “Is Frontier a good/safe/friendly/reliable airlines”? Fortunately most are satisfied. I have a few friends that work/worked for them too and all give it credit as a good company.

    Also if you’re changing Frontier planes in Denver and don’t want to the eat usual disgusting food of McDs or limp pizza there’s a Quiznos at the west end of Concourse A. I often stop there even when heading to another airlines.

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