It’s Dork Time!


Sometimes, I just find the need to dork out. When a friend passed along the link to, I knew it was time to get cozy with my computer. This is the result (click to see details):

The site lets you input every flight you take and plots it on a map for you. In addition, it puts together a bunch of impressive-sounding random stats.

I started keeping track of my flights when I moved from LA to Phoenix back in July 1994, so since then I’ve flown 500 flights. I know that pales in comparison to super frequent business travelers and flight crew, but it’s still enough to have flown to the moon twice and still have some left over.

My longest flight so far? Atlanta to Johannesburg back in 2003

Shortest flight? Well, that’d be the time we took off from Phoenix, had an engine problem, and came right back

I think it’s pretty easy to see which 5 places I’ve lived in since 1994. Anyone want to take a guess?

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