Hasta Luego, eh?

Azteca, Harmony

Two airlines failed yesterday, one south of the border and one up north. Is there a connection?

First up, Líneas Aéreas Azteca. These guys have followed in the footsteps of Aero California. The government looked into their safety and training practices, didn’t like what they saw, and decided to shut them down. They have 90 days to respond.

07_03_28 AztecaSo, an airline gets shut down in the middle of the peak spring break season. What do they do? Put up a notice on their website telling customers? Nay. They haven’t changed a thing on their website at all. In fact, they still have the booking engine up, but spot checking a couple of dates produced no flight results.

You’ll notice that they have pictures of attractive women all throughout the site. My favorite is the one you see here. It translates to “Upon boarding, don’t forget . . . .” I’m guessing you can finish that sentence with ” . . . to book on an airline that actually is allowed to fly. Instead, stare at this pretty girl for a few minutes.”

Azteca flew almost exclusively within México but they did have a flight a couple days a week between Ontario (California) and Guadalajara.

Up in Canada, Harmony Airways announced it will close its doors in a couple weeks as well. These guys were based in Vancouver and flew down to sun spots including Hawai’i, Palm Springs, and more. On their website, they do have a long note announcing the shut down. They’re offering full refunds and have instructions on the home page for all to see.

Now, Harmony’s chief Dr. Ho will have to time to focus on some of his other favorite hobbies . . . crack and hookers. Don’t believe me? Read this. Maybe he can give the Azteca girls a call since they’re all going to be looking for employment now.

Ah, now it all comes together.

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2 comments on “Hasta Luego, eh?

  1. If only I could read Spanish, I’d enjoy the Azteca website. :(

    How unsafe does an airline have to be, to get shut down anyway??

  2. Well, it’s tough to say how unsafe you’d need to be in Mexico to get shut down. I imagine a lot of it is political, but I honestly just don’t know.

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