Who Wants to See the A380?

A380, Lufthansa

Do you love enormous airplanes? How about German airlines? Is this picture way too fuzzy to satisfy your needs?

07_03_09 lh380

If you answered yes to these questions, head on over to this website where Lufthansa is having a drawing for one person to take the VIP tour of the A380 when it arrives at JFK on March 19. The same time that plane lands at JFK, Qantas will be sponsoring a flight to LAX, and that is where I’ll be that day.

No flight is included here (don’t get greedy), but you can hobnob with the Airbus and Lufthansa elites if you win. And if you do win, I want pictures.

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3 comments on “Who Wants to See the A380?

  1. Trying to see if there’s any public access to IAD’s “A380 Day” (I understand to be taking place later this month), or even a public schedule available.

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