The A380 is Coming, The A380 is Coming!


It may not be much of a commercial success at this point, and it may not be the most attractive plane flying, but it’s still going to be really cool to see the A380 fly nonetheless. Those of you living in New York, Washington, and Chicago will get to see the plane on its first trip to the US next month.

The plane arrives at New York/JFK on March 19. The next day it heads to Chicago/O’Hare and then it makes a few other stops before reportedly going to Washington/Dulles on the evening of March 26.

If you live in the area, head on out to the airports because it’s going to be a site to be seen.

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1 comment on “The A380 is Coming, The A380 is Coming!

  1. Please – don’t be bitter. I have my “ticket” for the New York City A380 event. I’ll have the camera and digital recorder with me. What fun this is going to be!!

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