L’Avion – What Are You Smoking?

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First we had eos and MAXjet, then Silverjet was announced, and now we have the oh so simply named:


L’Avion (which means “The Airplane” in French), is going to begin daily all business-class flights between Paris/Orly and Newark with 100 seat 757s (that’s about half the normal capacity). I’d love to tell you more about it, but, well, there isn’t anything else to tell right now.

The amazing thing about these guys is that according to the press release, they plan on starting flights on December 27. That’s a mere 16 days away, so you’d think that you could buy your ticket right now, right? Wrong again. It seems that they’ll begin business on December 27, but thanks to what probably was not the best translation around, that probably means they’ll begin selling tickets, not actually begin flying. Go to the website and you’ll see a pretty picture and absolutely nothing else.

In fact, they can’t even update the website entirely with the current name. (Look at the page title in your browser.) The airline used to be called Elysair, but after a very scientific process, they’ve discovered that people related better to “L’Avion” so they changed it. Okeydokey.

Somehow, my hopes are not that high that we’ll see these guys flying in the near future.

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3 comments on “L’Avion – What Are You Smoking?

  1. To be clear, the press release says “commence operations” on the 27th, which isn’t the same as flights commencing.

    Further, the website says “marketing campaign and reservations for U.S. Passengers will be launched in the coming weeks, after final governmental approval.”

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