UK Carry On Rules and the Laptop Battery Ban


These two topics may not seemed tied, but stay with me here . . .

You can now add Virgin Atlantic to the list of airlines that will not allow you to use your Dell or Apple laptop if the battery is in the computer at the time. reports that this is in addition to the rules set in place by Korean Air and Qantas (discussed here).

The Geek article gets this information from this excellent page on the Virgin Atlantic site. This not only talks about the laptop battery issue, but it also gives very good detail on what you can and cannot bring onboard Virgin’s aircraft for UK/US and other departures. See where I’m going here . . .

That’s a long list of things you can’t bring onboard, but remember last week when I discussed that the government was planning to lift some of these restrictions? Well, it’s said to still be in the works. According to USA Today, the airlines, airports, and government have yet to come to an agreement on what to do about the problem. Some are suggesting that they just wait until Sep 27 when the EU meets to have all member nations discuss what to do about carry-ons.

See, I told you these two were related.

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