REALLY Cheap Flights to Australia

Jetstar, Qantas

Qantas’ low cost carrier, Jetstar, announced today that their first long haul routes between Honolulu and Sydney/Melbourne have gone on sale. To kick off the route, they’re offering a crazy US$111 fare each way. This doesn’t include tax, but it still seems like you can go all-in for under $300 roundtrip.

These flights operate 3x a week to Sydney and 2x a week to Melbourne on A330 aircraft. One thing to note, Qantas itself will continue to fly between Sydney and Honolulu on its own 3x a week, but those flights aren’t going to have this sale fare on them.

You have to book 4p today (though it doesn’t say in which timezone) and travel Feb 1 through May 21 of next year. Go to to try it out.

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