CanJet Airlines Ends Scheduled Service


Poor CanJet.

First they announce they’re going to shut down all scheduled flights and then I throw them on the ACR (Abusers of Capitalization Rules) list.

The airline flies primarily from Toronto to eastern Canadian cities as well as New York and 3 cities in Florida. September 10 will be the last day that they operate scheduled flights. After that, they’ll stick to the charter business.

If you’re booked to fly CanJet after that time, the EVP and COO says that you’ll get a full refund. I presume that means you’re on your own for finding other transportation. If you have any questions, give them a ring at 800-809-7777.

One important note: They recently linked up with western Canada’s Harmony Airways in a codeshare deal. This doesn’t affect Harmony at all. They’ll continue to fly all their flights as normal.

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