Video of Four A380s in Flight


Forget about the questionable business case and the fact that it is one ugly airplane for a second. It’s still pretty cool looking to see it flying in formation with three other A380s. Thanks to the IAG Blog for pointing out this video on the Airbus site.

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  1. hey Cranky,

    GREAT blog site. I am leaving on an overseas flight from JFK, on wednesday night–and I am trying to get a handle on the new carry-on restrictions. Can I ask you: are iPods restricted?


  2. Glad you enjoy the blog! To answer your question, no, there are no restrictions on iPods or any other electronic devices.

    The rules apply based on the country of departure. For flights from the US, the only new rules involve liquids. Most European countries have no new rules, but if you’re flying from the UK or Ireland it’s a bit more complex. Fortunately, there are no electronic restrictions there either. For full UK rules, go here.

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