There once was an airline from ACK . . .

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In what must be one of the more creative promotions around, Nantucket Airlines has decided to have a limerick contest.

ackEveryone knows the famous limerick that begins, “There once was a man from Nantucket.” If you don’t know it, you can probably guess what rhymes with Nantucket. So Nantucket Airlines has tweaked it a bit to incorporate the island’s airport code . . . ACK.

First prize of 10 one way tickets between ACK and Hyannis isn’t too interesting, but 2nd prize is a t-shirt that would be much cooler. All who enter get a sticker that looks like the image shown here.

So come up with your best entry and submit it today. Post if here if you’d like to share it with others as well.

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5 comments on “There once was an airline from ACK . . .

  1. After a little (very little) thought from me and another person at work, here’s the limerick I just submitted:

    There once was an airline from ACK
    That flew to Hyannis and back
    They went early and late
    Before seven; past eight
    So no need for toothpaste to pack

    Thank you, thank you. Don’t forget to stay for the late show.

  2. Q – that’s why we love him!

    (and what does it say about you that you surf the blog of the biggest dork alive?)

  3. Of course he’s a dork – but he’s our dork!! Here’s my try:

    Nantucket Air Flies out of ACK
    And their planes are smaller than a shack
    But you’ll get there in reasonable time,
    Their fares are so low it’s a crime
    But then they will never feed you a snack!

    Can we do haiku next??

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