Ryanair Fights Terrorism with Humor

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ryanairThere are many ways that airlines have responded to terrorist threats, but I have to say that Ryanair is one of the few to have ever tried humor.

If you go to their homepage, you’ll see this picture of Winston Churchill promoting their new low fares. I’m going to just take a wild guess that he didn’t give his permission from beyond the grave for this one.

Oh but wait, there’s more. Click on the link that says New Airport Security Restrictions – Put fun back into flying. Um, but before you click, make sure you don’t mind nudity. Seriously. They do love to joke around.

Clearly, if Ryanair had lost a plane or one single person had died, they would never have done this. Actually, if anyone had lost their lives on any airline, I can’t imagine they’d do this. At least, I hope they wouldn’t do something like this. But since the plot was foiled, I think it’s pretty funny.

People are very tense when flying these days, and anything that can be done to loosen things up is probably welcome. I think Ryanair is like a smart little kid that knows just how far he can push his mother without crossing the line. They always make news, they do a good job of mildly offending and creating controversy, but they still fill their planes.

So . . . funny or offensive? (Or both, I suppose.) What do you think?

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1 comment on “Ryanair Fights Terrorism with Humor

  1. Sorry. I am a big fan of Ryanair. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing CEO Michael O’Leary speak on several occasions, and although he’s raw, he’s funny as hell. I think the ads are completely in line with the type of airline that Ryanair is. Goodness knows, we can use some humor these days. Keep it up!!

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