3 Links I Love: A380 for Risk Takers, Fixing LAX Gridlock, Birds at Garbage in Lebanon

This week’s featured link:
A380, from flagship to LCC mass transportLeeham News and Comment
Here’s an interview with the head of leasing firm Amedeo that specializes in, gulp, A380s. Even though none of the 20 A380s it has ordered have found a home yet, this guy seems optimistic. In short, airlines have used the A380 wrong and only now are figuring it out. Of course, his examples of ANA and Malaysia aren’t very good ones. It’s believe that ANA picked up 3 A380s as part of an agreement with Airbus when it took over Skymark, not because it wanted the airplanes. And Malaysia just can’t find a way to get rid of them so it has had to become very creative. Methinks he’s a little too optimistic here, though you might expect that from someone with 20 A380s to place.

Two for the road:
Traffic-Improvement Program at LAX Begins TodayLos Angeles World Airports
You know traffic is gridlocked at LAX when the airport actually feels compelled to act. It used to be that courtesy shuttles would circle both on the upper departures and lower arrivals levels. But with traffic at a stand-still, that’s not happening anymore. Now, hotel shuttles will only go on the lower level while airport parking shuttles will only go on the upper level. Has anyone been through the airport since the switch? There’s no doubt courtesy shuttles gum up the roadways, but I’ll be curious to see if there’s actually been a noticeable impact from this change.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Therein lies the problem at Lebanon’s international airportLos Angeles Times
And you thought your airport had problems. Brilliant move in Beirut when they put an open garbage pit near the airport. You know where this is going… birds.

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