2016 Flying Summary

I knew this wasn’t a good year for flying, but I didn’t realize just how terrible it was until I added the numbers up. Get ready for some embarrassing stuff.

Miles: 13,391 (37,816 last year)
Segments: 23 (31 last year)
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: None
New Airports: None
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (13 flights)
Most Common Airline: Southwest (13 segments)
Most Common Airport: Long Beach (5 departures/3 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach – Oakland (4 segments)

Can you believe that? That’s the fewest number of miles flown since I started keeping records when I was in high school. I did a fair number of short hops (9 Airports, 1 Day), so the number of segments wasn’t at an all-time low. But it wasn’t good. I had no new airports, no new aircraft, and no new airline. Wow. I just can’t believe it.

Fortunately, I already have two new airports, one new airline, and one new aircraft type planned for next year, so that’s good news. But I may need to try to do better than that.

Now it’s your turn to put me to shame. How did your 2016 look?

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