3 Links I Love: Airline Dorks, Santa Barbara Struggles, JetBlue Marketing Win

This week’s featured link:
Eyes Aloft – The Sublime Obsession of Plane SpottingVQR
This is good long look at the airline dorks of the world. You know, AvGeeks, spotters, enthusiasts, etc. I always love when there’s an outside look at something many of us know so well. As an added bonus, there are some photos by Mike Kelley. If you don’t know Mike Kelley’s stunning work, you should.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Stiff Headwinds for Santa Barbara AirportSanta Barbara Independent
Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A small to mid-size airport builds a fancy new terminal and it sits way under-utilized. Oh, you have heard it before? Well, here’s another article tackling the issue; this time in Santa Barbara.

JetBlue’s Elizabeth Windram Wins Adweek’s 2016 Grand Brand Genius AwardAdWeek
Here’s a spotlight on JetBlue’s great marketing work under its head of brand and advertising. I’m not sure how I missed the FlyBabies one highlighted in here, but it was brilliant.

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