Topic of the Week: Your Favorite Book About the Airline Industry

I’ve just finished re-reading (for the 10th time, probably) my favorite book ever written about the airline industry… Hard Landing by Thomas Petzinger Jr. If you’re looking for a compelling history of the airline industry from deregulation through the early 1990s centering around the chief executives who drove change, then this is by far the best book you’ll ever read. Back when I worked at America West, I even knew someone who gave the book to new hires and made them read it before starting. It’s that good.

But now, I’m hungry for more and since nobody has written Hard Landing 2 yet, I need to look elsewhere. What’s your favorite book about the industry? I’m not talking about books for enthusiasts and spotters. I’m talking about the business of airlines. Let’s hear your best suggestions in the comments.

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