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Flying Coach? 5 Tactics for Getting an Upgrade.Entrepreneur
I was asked for my thoughts on how to get upgrades without paying for them and in general I said it just doesn’t really happen much anymore. That’s especially true if you have no status with an airline. But, the author still was able to cobble together some tips for those who want to chase the elusive free upgrade.

Hotels on track to collect record surcharges and fees this year, report saysUSA Today
How’s this for a shock? I’m quoted with consumer advocate Charlie Leocha in this story and we both agree. Mandatory fees that are broken out separately are terrible. Hotels should not be able to break out resort fees, just like airlines can’t break out mandatory fees. But it’s a double standard and airlines are always treated more harshly for some reason.

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Highe Roller

When LV hotels started with the resort fees we stayed at hotels that did not pull that crap. When most of the hotels started pulling the same tricks we stopped going to Las Vegas and now we don’t miss it. Great job Caesar’s and the rest.


My son and I scored a United CPU for our flights today. First time in a couple of years, with Gold status. Way down from my pre-IT integration 50% upgrade percentage.

Peter Mac
On a recent trip to GRR I booked my hotel online at for one of the properties there. I have been doing this for years so, I thought I knew what I was doing. The rate showed up as usual under “rates starting at” and went ahead and confirmed. Just routine, right? When I checked out I discovered that my room rate had increased for nights 2 and 3 by $20 per night. Guess I didn’t look closely enough at the small print. I objected and prevailed but, I feel that this is a new Marriott policy of ‘bait… Read more »
David SF eastbay

Is the smug woman in #5 still married since she could have cared less about her husband and child?

I am a little more than a cranky flyer, I am a very reluctant flyer. I am tall and cannot sit in a cramped seat for hours on end any longer without pain, plus I have no A$$ left, so it hurts my rear end to sit for so long with my knees up to my chin and a LARGE person who is flowing into my seat so much so that I can’t move. I flew for over 20 years with the US Air Force and I know a thing or two about the FAA and the rules the airlines… Read more »

You want to talk about “GREED”, let’s talk about it. All public companies have to answer to their investors and create positive dividends for their shareholders. That is the main reason we have seen corporations going after every single penny where they can. If they can’t produce these profits for dividend payments, then the stocks lose their price per share which is money lost. The only way you will see this stop is when shareholders stop the demand for higher dividends which will be NEVER.


I am 1k with United and have noticed in the last year or so that things are getting better; i get upgraded about 75% of the time and I’ve never had my seat switched. I wonder if the AA./US Airways merger will turn out to be as horrible as Continental/united.

I’ve given up on trying to score upgrades with United. When I bought coach I flew just enough each year to become Silver, but there were always 12 or more passangers waiting for upgrades ahead of me. Now that my schedule is flexible (as in retired), I buy the least expensive 1st class ticket. Sometimes it’s only $300 or so dollars more (including buying so-called premium coach upgraded seats). Why take a chance on a 4 + hour flight not departing let alone arriving on time to endure an airlines’ coach service? And I get it: not everybody can afford… Read more »