Cranky on the Web – Getting Upgraded, Horrible Hotel Fees

Flying Coach? 5 Tactics for Getting an Upgrade.Entrepreneur
I was asked for my thoughts on how to get upgrades without paying for them and in general I said it just doesn’t really happen much anymore. That’s especially true if you have no status with an airline. But, the author still was able to cobble together some tips for those who want to chase the elusive free upgrade.

Hotels on track to collect record surcharges and fees this year, report saysUSA Today
How’s this for a shock? I’m quoted with consumer advocate Charlie Leocha in this story and we both agree. Mandatory fees that are broken out separately are terrible. Hotels should not be able to break out resort fees, just like airlines can’t break out mandatory fees. But it’s a double standard and airlines are always treated more harshly for some reason.

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